Brenner 1240

Brenner 1240
Brenner 1240

Brenner 1240

BRENNER wheel bulldozers are combine the production capabilities of track-type crawler bulldozers with the mobility of wheel loaders. The excellent maneuverability of wheeled bulldozers allows you to perform a very wide range of tasks.

The BRENNER 1240 wheel bulldozer is designed for layer-by-layer digging, planning and moving of large quantities of soil, minerals and other materials. The wheel bulldozer is used in the development of placers, on dumps and as an auxiliary machine in quarries.

The main futures of the BRENNER 1240 wheel dozer are mobility, maneuverability and versatility.

Ease of operation and maintenance, reliability are the main criteria for the production of BRENNER bulldozers.



Blade characteristics
Dozer blade capacity 3.5 m3
Blade width 3500 mm
Blade height 1165 mm
Descent into the ground 390 mm
Blade lifting height 985 mm
Blade tilt (Right, Left) 355 mm
Cutoff angle 55°
Maximum inclination angle forward 7.5°
Maximum inclination angle backward
Maximum tilt angle 19°
Bulldozer characteristics
Length 6870 mm
Width 3500 mm
Height 3560 mm
Working weight 19200 kg
Wheelbase 3300 mm
Track 2250 mm
Gradebility 30°
Clearance 310 mm
Minimum turning radius 6675 mm
Maximum tractive force 160 kN
Working ambient temperature -30 ~ +45 °C
Working altitude above sea level 0-4000 m
Speed (forward / backward) 1st gear 0-8 km/h
Speed (forward / backward) 2nd gear 0-15 km/h
Speed (forward / backward) 3rd gear 0-25 km/h
Speed (forward / backward) 4th gear 0-40 km/h
Engine type Diesel, water-cooled, 4-stroke, 6-cylinder in-line, direct injection, turbocharged
Engine model SC11CB240
Engine capacity 9,727 L
Engine power 175 / 240 kW / HP
Rated speed 2200 r/min
Minimum fuel consumption 215 gr / kW * h
Maximum torque 908 Nm
Gearbox Full-powershift, countershaft type
Torque converter YJ375
Torque converter type Single stage three element
Gear Shift Position (Forward / Backward) 4 Forward and 4 Reverse gears
Tire size TRIANGLE 23.5-25 L-3 20PR career type, reinforced

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