Brenner BE210 Crawler Excavator

Brenner BE210 Crawler Excavator
Brenner BE210 Crawler Excavator

Brenner BE210 Crawler Excavator

Brenner BE210 hydraulic excavator is equipped with world’s first-class hydraulic system, high-adaptability turbocharged engine, and independently developed electronic control system, featuring higher speed, lower fuel consumption, and better motion sensitivity. Designed especially for small mine operations, it can travel powerfully on rugged and gradient roads, featuring higher working condition adaptability, higher digging height, larger digging radius, flexible and smooth controls, and high mine working efficiency.


Main Technical Specifications
Bucket Capacity, m30.9
Bucket Arm Digging Force, kN92.5
Bucket Digging Force, kN115
Max. Swing Speed, r/min11.5
Operating Weight, kg21100
Ground Pressure, KPa47.3
Ambient Temperature, °C-30 ~ +40
Overall Dimensions
Overall Length, mm9543
Ground Length (Transport Lenth), mm4860
Overall Height (To the Top of Boom), mm3039
Overall Height (To the Top of Cab), mm2977
Overall Width, mm2800
Counterweight Clearance, mm1120
Min. Ground Clearance, mm470
Tail Turning Radius, mm2905
Track Lenth on the Ground, mm4160
Track Gauge, mm2200
Track Width, mm2800
Track Shoe Width (Standart), mm600
Turntable Width, mm2726
Distance from Slewing Center to Tail, mm2853
Working Range
Max. Digging Height, mm10029
Max. Dumping Height, mm7132
Max. Digging Depth, mm6541
Max. Vertical Digging Depth, mm5985
Max. Digging Distance, mm9860
Max. Digging Distance at Groung Level, mm9673
Working Device Min. Turning Radius, mm3041
Engine ModelWP7
Engine TypeDiesel, watercooled, 4 stroke, 6 cyl. in line, direct injection, turbo charged
Engine Capacity, L7.47
Rated Output, kW / HP112 / 152
Rated Speed, r/min2000
Hydraulic System
Type of Hydraulic PumpVariable Piston Pump
Rated Working Flow, L/min2*218
Traveling System
Traveling MotorAxial Variable Plunger Motor
Traveling Speed, km/h3.00 / 5.00
Traction Force, kN201
Gradeability, %70
Filling Capacity
Fuel Tank, L340
Cooling System, L25
Engine Oil, L24
Hydraulic Oil Tank & System, L250 / 420

BRENNER MACHINERY reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice